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Online Trading

I&C Bank is very pleased to introduce you to the most convenient, comfortable and cost-efficient online trading platform. “Pro+” platform allows investors to trade global foreign exchange, equities, futures, options, CFDs and bonds in one single platform.
  • Minimum Trading Account: 30,000 USD
  • Fast trade executions and immediate account updates of balances and positions
  • Access to more than 24 markets around the world, covering North America, Europe and Asia Pacific
  • Ability for short selling, stock lending, margin lending
  • Up to 4:1 leverage on US Stocks and 3:1 leverage on Non-US stocks (Overnight in both cases: 2:1 leverage)
  • Maximize your return with Low Commissions and Low Debit Interest Rates
  • 24h real time back-office tools available online by checking your balances, portfolio holdings, account activity, order status information, trade confirmations and more…
  • Cost effective, tailor made, end-to-end solutions for trading global futures markets
  • From real time risk management system to superior support services, Access all US and International Futures Exchanges and trade for as low as 7$ per contract with real time risk management system and superior support services
  • Trade currencies and CFDs
  • Simple and Fast 24-hour trading
  • PC/iPad/iPhone and smart phone trading
  • Real time quotes subscription, charting and technical analysis


Pro+ Direct Line: Leb +961 1 985 888
Pro+ Chat Support: +961 3 30 26 36
Pro+ Emails: or