About us

“We view ourselves as entrepreneurs serving entrepreneurs. We evaluate the special aspects of each client's situation and respond with relevant solutions and tangible added value.”

In 1994 The firm was founded in Beirut. In 2007, we became regulated as a specialized bank by Banque du Liban (BDL), and we operate now under the name of Investment & Capital Bank (“I&C”).

I&C is a leading bank in the fields of Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Capital Markets, Asset Management.

Services across disciplines

Our unique business model enables us to offer a range of services regarding all matters pertaining to clients’ assets taking into account the interactions between corporate and private assets.

In this framework, we specialize in 6 key activities:

Focused clients base

  • Affluent individuals and their families,
  • Corporations,
  • Banks and financial institutions,
  • Private companies looking for mergers & acquisitions, alternative ways to raise capital and manage their assets,

Personalized Services

We engage in an ongoing, long-term relationship with our clients, ensuring that each one of them receives truly exceptional service and personalized attention.

The Power of Synergy

Our services are delivered through distinct departments, each with its own area of expertise but linked by the same values. Our clear and flexible structure enables us to bring together our communal know-how, so that our clients benefit from the different facets of our organization.


The strengths inherent to
compact structures

  • Our human size promotes team spirit and a constant exchange of information between departments.
  • I&C’s decision makers are directly involved in the day-to-day contacts with clients.
  • Our independence means that we can select the most performing investment vehicles out of the vast array of financial products available on the international markets.